Healthcare Systems

In a changing healthcare landscape, we understand the unique challenges and complexities facing healthcare systems today.

For more than 35 years, we have worked with healthcare-related institutions to build and manage investment portfolios customized to their needs.

We recognize that healthcare systems have unique objectives, constraints, and operating considerations that require them to invest their asset pools in a way that is significantly different from other institutional investors. In order to build a successful investment program, it is critical to fully understand the enterprise and how its varied pools—including endowments, pensions, insurance pools, working capital and board-designated funds—work together to support it.

We start every relationship with a complete enterprise review to assess what drives the institution and understand the system’s ability to assume equity and illiquidity risk within each capital pool and the overall investment portfolio. We then work on each client’s behalf to build and manage a customized portfolio that is designed to best meet their objectives.

Our specialized expertise includes diverse areas of investing such as private investments and impact investing. Combined with our knowledge of enterprise issues specific to healthcare organizations, we are able to help create investment programs customized to meet the specific values and objectives of each healthcare organization we serve.


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