Outsourced CIO

(Discretionary Management)

We offer a comprehensive outsourced CIO (OCIO) service that allows clients to focus on their fiduciary responsibility and strategic goals. Our OCIO approach is built upon three core elements that we believe are critical to a successful investment program:

  • An integrated partnership between the investment team and the client
  • A customized portfolio built to reflect the needs of the client
  • Access to managers that leverages both Cambridge Associates’ and the client’s reputation in the marketplace

With nearly 20 years of experience as a discretionary management provider, we serve as a fully resourced investment office that replicates the best practices of leading in-house investment offices. Our outsourced CIO teams are accountable for portfolio strategy, implementation, day-to-day management, and operations. Our OCIO teams are backed by a global research platform and robust operational infrastructure, providing clients with access to world-class ideas with the ability to execute in a timely and operationally efficient manner.

This service model is available for total or partial portfolios and typically works well for clients who would prefer to spend their time on establishing portfolio guidelines and monitoring the performance of the portfolio while delegating day-to-day portfolio decisions.


Economic, market, and healthcare circumstances have been extraordinary over the last six months. However, attractive opportunities exist in some pockets of tech, relatively cheap public equities, and even in credit less supported by central bank activity. Additionally, the importance of investing in social equity has been brought into sharp relief by this crisis.