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Secondaries & Co-Investments

Flexibility and control in private portfolio construction

Secondaries and co-investments can help enhance returns and put your money to work faster when building a private markets portfolio. But both strategies require significant resources and expertise to evaluate your opportunities.

Why Cambridge Associates?

Helping you succeed in specialized areas

Our dedicated secondaries and co-investment teams have the first-hand experience in executing these deals and can help you navigate these investment challenges.

You’ll reap the benefits of a carefully executed strategy, built on expertise, combined with our manager network and market knowledge.

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clients helped with secondary deals
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committed by clients in secondary transactions

Our Approach To Secondaries

Secondaries complement primary funds

Secondaries can complement primary fund commitments in a private investment portfolio by mitigating the J-curve. When executed correctly, secondaries may offer higher returns, lower fees, and more flexibility in portfolio construction.

But deal flow can be unpredictable. That’s why our long-standing private markets experience and resulting networks have allowed us to build the specialized industry relationships that help us have insight into the available market for these quick-turnaround investments.


Our Approach To Co-Investments

Control when and where you invest

Co-investments can help enhance returns, reduce fees, mitigate the J-curve, and manage risk.

Our highly specialized co-investment team has nearly 20 years’ average experience in the investment industry, with direct experience in co-investments and direct investments. Our sophisticated and attractive client base, combined with our long-standing relationships with GPs across the private markets spectrum, helps us to access multiple sources of co-investment deal flow.

Secondaries and co-investments can amplify our ability to execute on a robust private program by putting money to work more quickly, reducing the effect of the J-curve as you build a new program, and giving us more flexibility and control in portfolio construction. With specialized expertise, these strategies can help to add real benefit—and return—to your portfolio.

Alex Shivananda

Head of Secondaries & Co-Investments

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