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Credit Investments

Custom approaches to meet your objectives

From capital preservation to return maximization, credit investments can offer you fresh investment approaches.

Why Cambridge Associates?

We cover the array of credit strategies

Our credit team identifies, evaluates, and invests in both private and public credit strategies. Private strategies include senior debt, subordinated capital, credit opportunities, distressed credit, and specialty finance. Public strategies include investment-grade, high-yield, and inflation-linked bonds, along with structured credit, and credit hedge funds. Whatever your investment objectives, we’re positioned to identify high conviction credit opportunities that could help to meet them.

Our Approach

Credit is a valuable diversification complement

Credit investments span a wide breadth of strategies and return profiles. More liquid credit investments offer diversification benefits via lower correlations and downside protection. Private credit strategies often deliver returns that typically fall somewhere between liquid public credit investments and illiquid private equity investments.

Private Credit Expertise

Private credit is an important part of the credit landscape

Private credit offers an illiquidity premium that is a distinct advantage in a low return environment. The private credit umbrella covers a diverse array of strategies that can be implemented with different orientations, preferences, and biases.

More than half of our credit team focuses on private credit investing. Our team tracks more than 2,000 private credit funds and meets with 200 private credit managers a year to stay ahead of a fast-growing universe of opportunities.

Meet Our Co-Head of Credit Investment Strategies

Christine Farquhar

“Our team has spent decades in the financial industry and credit markets, building relationships with best-in-class credit managers and managing credit portfolios that are precisely designed to deliver on the goals created for those investments.”

How can we help build the right portfolio for you?