Private Equity

As one of the earliest investors in private equity, we have deep and proven experience sourcing best-in-class investment opportunities and managing private equity programs that meet our clients’ investment objectives.

Private equity has come a long way since the early days of leveraged buyouts. Today, the private equity universe spans numerous strategies with varying levels of risk and highly dispersed returns across a vast and ever-evolving universe of opportunities.

The complexity and vastness of this opportunity set—and the importance of finding and investing with the small universe of managers who can deliver outperformance—requires extensive resources and specialized expertise. Robust knowledge of the private equity landscape and deep global networks, built over 40 years of investing in this asset class, provide us with a natural pipeline of new manager ideas as individuals spin out of their prior firms to set up their own shops. We have also often been able to use our market presence and scale to negotiate more favorable fees and terms for our clients.


In this edition of VantagePoint, we explore the historical drivers of the value risk premium to determine if there have been any fundamental changes since 2007, the start of the global financial crisis, and to understand conditions that must be present for a sustained period of value outperformance.