Venture Capital

One of the biggest myths in venture capital investing is that established mega funds are the only way to generate outperformance.

We understand the value of sourcing both established and emerging funds. Our deep global networks, built over 40 years of investing in venture capital, often make us a first stop for individuals who spin out of their prior firms to set up their own shops. Our knowledge of those portfolio managers—along with deal-level information tracked in our proprietary databases—helps us to glean insights on those spin-outs based on the managers’ history.

We have also often been able to use our market presence and scale to negotiate more favorable fees and terms for our clients.

Families of wealth face three key questions about intergenerational wealth planning: how best to invest to sustain future generations; how best to engage the next generation; and how best to ensure family unity endures. Often each question is addressed independently. We find that a conversation across generations about the impact of a meaningful venture capital allocation can help address all three questions in an integrated manner.