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eVTOLs & Flying Cars

Cambridge Associates

Humans have fantasized about flying cars for decades, but they’ve yet to leave the pages of our sci-fi books…or have they?

Join us as we visit Joby Aviation out in Marina, California to witness their eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft take flight. With plans to operate like Ubers in the sky, eVTOLs are the closest thing we have to flying cars—and they could be a commercial reality by 2025. The companies creating them promise a faster and greener mode of transportation, but who’s investing in them? Are they safe? And how will they change our transportation infrastructure?

We’ll discuss these questions and more with Eric Allison (Head of Product at Joby Aviation); Andrew Beebe (Managing Director at Obvious Ventures); and Doug Carlson and Alex Innes-Whitehouse (pilots affiliated with Cambridge Associates).

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