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Focused on Driving Long-Term Performance

VC investing

One of the biggest myths in venture capital (VC) investing is that established funds are the only way to generate outperformance.

Why Cambridge Associates?

An early partner to the first generation of venture investors

As an early pioneer in alternative asset investing, we introduced our first clients, a group of sophisticated US endowments, to venture capital investing in the late 1970s. Over the five decades since, we have continually built the resources, relationships, and platform needed to help find and track best-in-class venture funds that will drive outperformance for our clients.

  • $107B Capital committed to VC by CA clients since 1980*
  • 38 VC funds that underwent robust due diligence in 2022*
  • $4B Average annual commitment to VC since 2010*

How We Invest

A rigorous process has no substitute

With the wide dispersion of returns present in venture capital investing, investors need to feel confident that they are aiming for top-quartile returns. Rigorous due diligence and skilled manager selection are critical for building a successful venture capital portfolio.


*As of June 30, 2023.

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Meet The Team

What sets us apart?

Vish leads our Asia-Pacific private investments research team from our Singapore location.

Vish Ramaswami, Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Private Investments

  • Q.

    What sets our venture capital team apart?


    With over 20 years of experience in Asia-Pacific, we have built up a deep network of manager relationships in the region to help our clients identify high-conviction regional and global private investment opportunities that can value-add to their investment portfolios.

Our Approach

A first stop for the next generation of top-quartile venture funds

While venture capital investing often connotes established, access-constrained funds, a majority of the top-quartile performers in a given vintage year are actually emerging managers raising one of their first few funds.

Our deep global networks, built over 50 years of investing in venture capital, often make us the first stop for these individuals who spin out of their prior firms to set up their own shops. And our knowledge of those portfolio managers—along with deal-level information tracked in our proprietary database—helps us to glean insights on those spin-outs based on the managers’ histories.

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