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Finding the Right Partner to Manage Your Success

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services

In an increasingly complex and competitive investment landscape, portfolio decisions often need to be made quickly and decisively, making it challenging for those with limited time or resources to manage sophisticated portfolios on a daily basis. At the same time, you want to be confident that the investments in your portfolio are the right ones for you.

Why Cambridge Associates?

OCIO built with purpose

As an investment partner to some of the most sophisticated investors in the world for the last five decades, we have learned firsthand which practices are most likely to lead to investment success—and which practices can create the biggest roadblocks.

That’s why we built a different kind of OCIO business. Ours is one that is purposely designed to focus on what we believe are the key drivers of long-term investment success: building a portfolio uniquely calibrated for your goals, finding and accessing best-in-class global managers, and maximizing the long-term stability of your portfolio.

OCIO Case Studies

Why 4 Investment Committee Chairs Opted for OCIO

We sat down with investment committee chairs from four institutions with assets ranging from $200 million to $850 million to understand why they chose to delegate decision-making on their investment portfolios. Find out what these four non-profits had to say about the process they went through and what they learned from their experiences.


A tailored portfolio starts with a deep partnership

Our high-touch investment approach starts with your dedicated investment team learning what your specific goals and constraints are to make sure that your portfolio’s risk level aligns with your long-term objectives. You will know what is in your portfolio and why it is there. Your team will be focused on your portfolio, transparent about decisions, and accountable for performance.

Global Reach

An investment platform built with decades of experience

At Cambridge Associates, your dedicated investment team also has the reach of a deeply-resourced organization.

Our OCIO teams are backed by a robust global research platform and integrated operational infrastructure, with investment professionals on the ground around the world to help source and access best-in-class investments.

With a team of investment professionals averaging nearly two decades of industry experience, we’ve built strong relationships with both new and established managers. We are often founding investors with individuals spinning out of larger firms. Those relationships often translate to access while we also work to negotiate favorable terms and fees for our clients.

Portfolio Stability

Delegate decision making, not ownership

Many OCIOs implement portfolios in multi-client pooling products. This limits their ability to customize and requires their clients to liquidate their holdings if they change investment partners.

We do it a different way. At Cambridge Associates, we build bespoke portfolios as separately managed accounts. That means that you own the investments and the relationships with the managers in which you invest.

By directly owning your investments, you’ll maintain more control over your portfolio for the long term.

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