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Endowments & Foundations

Helping to make the world a better place

We’ve worked with endowments and foundations for 50 years, and we’re proud to be associated with so many institutions that are making the world a better place.

Meet Margaret Chen

Margaret Chen, Global Head of Endowment & Foundation Practice

  • Q.

    Why choose Cambridge Associates?


    Our clients get the best of both worlds. They work directly with their investment team but have the research and back-office support of a larger firm.

  • Q.

    What makes Cambridge Associates a good fit?


    We’re agnostic between advisory and OCIO. We listen hard to what the institution wants and will introduce them to the team that we think best meets their needs.

  • Q.

    Why have you stayed?


    I’ve been here 25 years because of our people. Our colleagues always start with what’s best for the client, period. And our people are always seeking out new sources of alpha for client portfolios. It’s exciting.

  • 50 years as an independent, global investment firm
  • 95% average client retention rate*
  • 550+ Endowment & Foundation clients

How We Serve Endowments & Foundations

Why a customised portfolio matters

We understand the investment challenges non-profit investors face. We also believe every institution is different. That’s why our investment teams work to understand each client’s needs. We build customised portfolios that align with each client’s long-term investment objectives, risk tolerances, liquidity needs, and other enterprise considerations.

Take the endowment governance quiz

Which investment management model works better for your endowment? Answer nine simple questions to see which may be best for you.


Susannah McCrea

Connect with the Endowments & Foundations Practice

Susannah McCrea

Director, Endowments & Foundations, Europe

Investing Has Real Human Impact

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