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Sustainable & Impact Investing (SII)

We’re pioneers with the scale to drive change

We believe unsustainable environmental and social justice trends create material and systemic risk for the economy, markets, and portfolios. We also believe that clients do not have to choose between long-term portfolio returns and positive real-world impact. By building sustainable and solutions-oriented portfolios today, we aim to deliver resilient, future-proof portfolios tomorrow.

Why Cambridge Associates?

Four decades as advocates of impactful investing

We’ve been helping our clients invest with their values for nearly 40 years. We leverage our scale and experience to advance authentic integration of sustainability and impact factors across the investment industry.

Our Approach

Thoughtful integration at every level

At Cambridge Associates, sustainable and impact investing is investing. Our SII team is embedded in our global research platform to source and evaluate sustainability, impact, and manager diversity across all asset classes. We also include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and diversity considerations for those investments that go through our rigorous diligence process. We do this because ESG factors, used well, are additive to the investment process, and therefore integral to both risk management and long-term return generation.

  • 400+ clients with SII products in their portfolios
  • 300+ SII investment products in our clients' portfolios*
  • 1,600+ SII products tracked in our database

We customize your portfolio for impact

We recognize that our clients will have their own values and vision that determine what impact they want to prioritize. Our ability to customize portfolios to specific impact and objectives is core to our process. Our clients own their portfolios, and therefore, own their impact.


To fully understand your goals and values, we build a deep partnership with you. This approach, combined with our deep networks and global scale gives us access to fully vetted SII investment ideas across all asset classes. Together we build you a portfolio that precisely targets the impact themes most aligned with your priorities.

Our Partnerships

Using our global reach to effect meaningful change

Outside of our own walls, we use our global reach and scale to create meaningful connections within the industry to build more momentum for global change. We maintain strong strategic partnerships with several industry organizations including:

CERES ▪ Confluence Philanthropy ▪ CREO ▪ Gender Smart ▪ Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) ▪ Intentional Endowments Network (IEN) ▪ Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) ▪ Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Groups-UK and US (ICSWG) ▪ Mission Investors Exchange ▪ Prime Coalition ▪ UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)

Meet the head of our SII team

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