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Diverse Manager Investing

A catalyst for equitable growth and opportunity

Our dedicated Diverse Manager team focuses on uncovering best-in-class managers and funds for investment evaluation and capital allocation.

  • 60% of clients with at least one diverse investment in their portfolio*
  • 470+ meetings with diverse managers in 2022*
  • 2,000+ diverse manager products tracked in our database*

Our Approach

Our team is embedded in our global research platform

Our Diverse Manager Research team works to source and evaluate diverse managers and funds across asset classes.


We also include diversity considerations in every step of our due diligence process. Our ratings committees across asset classes examine the diversity of the fund’s ownership and leadership team, as well as the organization’s overall approach to diversity, as integral components of the fund’s evaluation for investment.


*As of December 31, 2022. The number of managers and investments shown includes client-directed investments where Cambridge Associates has not conducted full investment evaluation.

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Helping Diverse Managers Succeed

We share our experience to help newer managers develop best practices

We recognize that global change requires that managers have equitable opportunity with all investors, not just with our clients. Ensuring that capital is allocated in an equitable and inclusive manner means helping managers that are owned and/or led by women and/or people of color get the opportunities they also deserve outside of Cambridge Associates.

We use our experience conducting ~5,000 manager meetings per year* to give newer managers perspectives on industry best practices and provide coaching to improve their offerings, whether we invest with them or not. We also aim to proactively increase diverse managers’ exposure to the broader investment community by including these managers in client investment committee meetings and at our own sponsored conferences.

*As of June 30, 2023.

Meet Jasmine Richards, Head of Diverse Manager Research

We integrate manager diversity across our research and portfolio construction processes.

How can we help build the right portfolio for you?