Private Clients

We help families of institutional scale build portfolios to meet their investment goals and fulfill their legacies.

Our private clients’ investment portfolios are an integral part of their financial enterprise. Because no two families are alike, we work closely with each investor to build a portfolio based on his or her unique investment objectives, tax considerations, risk tolerance, and other unique factors. We are also practiced at collaborating with other financial advisors to create a seamless partnership.

Our expert investment teams work with families at various stages of the investment lifecycle. We aim to build long-term relationships with our private clients, helping them to prepare for generational wealth transfers, establish governance processes, and educate family members on how to preserve and grow their wealth.

The relationships we build are grounded in an alignment of interests with our clients. We don’t generate fees from investment products or have financial relationships with managers for recommending their products. Our clients can trust that the investment decisions we make for their portfolios are meant to achieve their financial objectives, not our own.

* Cambridge Associates typically works with families, family offices, and individuals with a minimum portfolio size of $100 million.

Services We Offer

Portfolio Management

When building portfolios for private clients, we are responsible for managing the portfolio and delivering results. Families can choose to work with us on a discretionary or a non-discretionary basis. Under our discretionary model, we are responsible for portfolio strategy, implementation, day-to-day management, and operations. Under a non-discretionary arrangement, we are responsible for day-to-day oversight of the portfolio, providing directive recommendations on asset allocation, portfolio structure, and manager selection — all subject to approval by the client.

Asset Class Mandates

With investment expertise across asset classes, and specialized resources in alternative assets, we manage a portion of a private client’s portfolio, such as private equity, private credit, co-investments, hedge funds, real assets, or other asset classes. As with our portfolio management services for total assets, private clients engage with us in either a discretionary or a non-discretionary capacity for single asset mandates.

Staff Extension

For families with a well-staffed family office, we partner closely with them to complement and augment their in-house resources, providing our expertise and manager relationships across asset classes or in specific asset classes only.

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