We build customized portfolios that help to create the value each plan sponsor needs.

With 40 years’ experience in managing pension portfolios, we understand the complex challenges plan sponsors face. Applying this knowledge on our clients’ behalf, we focus on maximizing results for each valuable unit of risk and capital. We think holistically, managing the interaction of risk hedging and growth portfolios to optimal effect and leveraging our firm’s full resources to help secure plan success.

Each client team is led by a senior investor and backed by expert pension investment professionals. Together, this team partners with each plan sponsor to help refine strategic priorities and understand their trade-offs. This process helps us to ensure that every investment decision is informed by the sponsor’s unique requirements, and reflects what we believe will most effectively achieve their goals.

To help us deliver the best ideas, we have built a global firm with experienced investors focused on sourcing and evaluating opportunities worldwide — including a full range of alternative assets. We also leverage our market presence and scale to negotiate favorable terms and fees with managers. To align ourselves with our clients’ interests, we do not offer proprietary, off-the-shelf investment products or accept payments for recommending managers’ products. Thus, no other business agendas compete with our clients for our best ideas — or for our focus on their best interests.

Services We Offer

Portfolio Management

In building and managing a total portfolio, we work on either a fully discretionary or non-discretionary basis. Under our discretionary (OCIO) model, we are responsible for portfolio strategy, implementation, day-to-day management, and operations. Under a non-discretionary arrangement, we are responsible for day-to-day oversight of the portfolio, providing directive recommendations on asset allocation, portfolio structure, and manager selection — all subject to approval by the client.

Asset Class Mandates

With investment expertise across asset classes, and specialized resources in alternative assets, we manage a portion of a portfolio, such as private equity, private credit, co-investments, hedge funds, real assets, or other asset classes. As with our total portfolio management services, portfolio management of asset class mandates is available on either a discretionary or a non-discretionary basis.

Staff Extension

We partner closely with organizations that have significant investment staff to complement and augment their in-house resources. In this capacity, we provide our expertise and manager relationships across asset classes, or in specific asset classes, and act as a sounding board for investment ideas.

We serve diverse organizations and plan types

  • Corporations
  • Government and public institutions
  • Insurance firms
  • Multiemployer and unions
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Defined contribution plans
  • Cash balance plans
  • Multi-pool and hybrid plans
  • Specialized trusts
  • Other complex asset and liability pools

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