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Portfolios Focused on Generating Outperformance

Private investments

As one of the earliest proponents of private investing, we have been partnering with sophisticated institutional and family investors to shape the global private investment landscape for 50 years.

Why Cambridge Associates?

Yesterday's pioneers, today's leading-edge investors

Building a successful private investment portfolio requires a deep understanding across asset classes, strategies, and geographies. We are a leader in private markets investing, often being the first stop for new and emerging managers who are spinning out from larger firms.

And while private investments have consistently proven to drive portfolio performance for investors with meaningful allocations, there is a wide dispersion in returns between the best and the rest.

That’s why we have continually invested in the resources, experience, and infrastructure to source, evaluate, and access high conviction private investments around the globe.

50 Years of Private Investment Data

Time and scale are hard to replicate

Our robust private investments platform is built on resources and history to help us consistently find and access investments with the potential to outperform.


*As of June 30, 2023.

Our Approach

Sourcing and accessing funds is multi-pronged and decades-long

For each private investment portfolio, we aim to generate strong investment returns across market cycles.

For us, that means sourcing high-conviction managers and allocating meaningful enough capital to those funds, across strategies, geographies, and vintage years, to impact portfolio returns.

It also means developing deep and specialized capabilities across all private investment strategies to help ensure that there is no shortage of best ideas for our clients.

Our Services

Flexibility to build the portfolio you need

Whether as part of a sophisticated diversified portfolio or as a specialized mandate that we manage, private investments can often play a crucial role in our clients’ portfolios. For every client, your dedicated investment team works with you to understand your unique needs and customizes an approach, portfolio, and experience to match.

Private Investing Leadership

Busting the access myth

Andrea Auerbach, Head of Global Private Investments

  • Q.

    What's the biggest myth you've heard about private investing?


    That access-constrained managers are the only funds that deliver performance. In fact, about 70% of the top ten performing funds in any given vintage year over the last decade have been from managers raising one of their first few funds. Our networks often make us a first stop for new managers spinning out to create their own funds—and our robust tracking means we can assess their potential to deliver results based on what they delivered at their prior firm.

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