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Public Equities

Build a solid investment foundation

Public equities continue to be foundational to diversified portfolios.

Why Cambridge Associates?

Thousands of options require global expertise

In a landscape of thousands of investment options, it takes deep resources and commitment to find those with the most significant potential to deliver excess returns. For five decades, we’ve covered a broad range of global public investment strategies from around the world.

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2024 Outlook: Public Equities

We expect global equity performance will be below its long-term median level, but we believe investors should hold equity allocations in line with policy targets. Read our full investment outlook on public equities in our latest report now.

Our Approach

A rigorous process has no substitute

Before we consider any fund suitable for investment, we complete a rigorous investment and operational evaluation. This review includes a discussion of the fund strategy and portfolio characteristics, the team assessment and decision-making process, and an evaluation of risk management, fees, and terms.

Lowering fees and improving terms to benefit you

With our sophisticated client base and deep market presence, we’re able to negotiate fees and terms on behalf of our clients. Those fee reductions and improved terms directly impact your portfolio’s net return.

In addition, we’ve set a high bar for the managers we deem suitable for investment because that’s what it takes to deliver the results you expect.

We also examine each manager’s strengths and weaknesses and analyze quantitative aspects of the fund such as its historical performance and risk profile. The ultimate goal is always finding and accessing  best-in-class investments to help lower fees and create better terms that benefit you.

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How can we help build the right portfolio for you?