Global Investing Leadership
Brian McDonnell
Head of Global Pension Practice

Brian is the Global Head of the Pension Practice. Brian has more than 14 years of investment experience and has been with Cambridge Associates since 2008. He oversees the firm’s work with more than 150 plan sponsors globally, including public, union, and non-profit plan sponsors; health care institutions; and other investors with multi-asset pools. In addition to his leadership role, Brian also works directly with clients in multiple capacities, through both fully discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management arrangements, as well as acting as an extension to plan sponsors’ in-house investment teams. Brian’s clients range in size from $200 million to over $10 billion.

Brian is a regular speaker at global industry events and has delivered keynotes and presentations at Pension Bridge Annual, the 2017 National Treasurers Conference, CIEBA Annual Meeting, and Institutional Investor Forum events. He’s contributed to several Cambridge Associates publications on strategic pension plan management, including A Balancing Act: Strategies for Financial Executives in Managing Pension Risk.

Before joining Cambridge Associates, Brian was a Senior Associate at Parthenon Capital, a middle-market private equity firm in Boston with approximately $2 billion in assets under management. Prior to this, he covered the transportation industry as an Investment Banking Analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York City. Brian received a BA in Economics and Political Science from Williams College, and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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