Endowments & Foundations

We have worked with endowments and foundations for more than 40 years, and we’re proud to be associated with so many institutions that are making the world a better place.

We understand the investment challenges non-profit investors face. We also believe that every institution is different. That’s why our investment teams work to understand each client’s needs and to build a customized portfolio that aligns with each client’s long-term investment objectives, risk tolerances, liquidity needs, and other enterprise considerations.

With deep expertise in alternative assets, impact investing, and governance issues, we bring the needed resources to bear and deliver the portfolio that’s right for each client. Our enterprise advisory group specializes in linking enterprise factors like governance, finance, and fundraising to the investment portfolio to help inform good investment decisions — supported by decades of peer data and best practices.

We have experienced investors operating in key financial hubs around the world to source and evaluate opportunities with the goal of delivering the best investment ideas to our clients. We also leverage our market presence and scale to negotiate favorable terms and fees with managers, often creating a net reduction in overall fees paid. We strive to align ourselves with our clients and don’t derive revenue from managers or other business agendas that might compete with you for our best ideas.

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