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Seven Things Investors Should Know About the Private Equity Secondary Market

Private equity (PE) secondary funds can provide several benefits to investors, including an accelerated pace of distributions relative to traditional primary PE fund investments. In addition, they can help investors enter new strategies, access top managers, and reduce blind pool risk. In this piece, we review secondary funds and their benefits by answering seven key […]

May 2023

Asia Insights: Navigating Higher Rates and Volatility

Introduction Aaron Costello, Regional Head for Asia, and Vivian Gan, Associate Investment Director, Capital Markets Research The path of global central bank tightening remains a top-of-mind question for investors after the recent stress in the US and European banking sectors. While financial contagion seems contained for now and has yet to spread to Asia, the […]

April 2023

Is This a New Era for Private Investments?

No. We argue that after macro conditions helped propel the private investment industry to temporary heights, today’s environment has ushered in a “back to normal” era. Let’s back up a bit. In the COVID-19 period (defined as July 2020 through June 2022), all facets of the US private investment “ecosystem” were in overdrive. During that […]

April 2023

Regulators Seek to Contain SVB Fallout

Following no US bank failures in the last two years, two banks failed in the last three days—Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank. As the situation evolved last week, investors, businesses, and regulators became increasingly concerned about SVB and risks to the broader economy. Over the weekend, US officials from the Federal Reserve, Treasury, […]

March 2023

A Social & Environmental Equity Investing Framework for Better Real-World Outcomes

Investing can often feel like steering a ship through stormy seas, traversing risks seen and unseen. In recent years, the siren song of investment products that appear aligned with achieving genuine social and financial returns—but are merely designed to attract assets—is one such danger. And this trend, coupled with economic uncertainty, creates a perfect storm […]

March 2023

Global ex US PE/VC Benchmark Commentary: First Half 2022

According to Cambridge Associates (CA) indexes, private equity and venture capital (PE/VC) in the developed markets underperformed those in emerging markets in first half 2022. The Cambridge Associates LLC Developed Markets ex US PE/VC Index returned -11.1% in the period, in USD terms, and -3.3% in euros. Because returns are measured in US dollars, the […]

January 2023

US PE/VC Benchmark Commentary: First Half 2022

In first half 2022, US private equity and venture capital broke their trend of sustained positive performance as the downturn in the public markets spilled over to privates. For the six months ended June 30, 2022, the Cambridge Associates LLC US Private Equity Index® returned -5.3% (-0.4% and -5.0% in first and second quarters, respectively) […]

January 2023

2023 Outlook: Private Investments

We expect the cyclical backdrop to impact private equity and venture capital returns, ultimately influencing recently invested vintages the most. That said, we think the 2023 vintage could perform well. Private Equity Will Sail in Stormy Seas in 2023 Keirsten Lawton, Co-Head of US Private Equity Research, and Caryn Slotsky, Senior Investment Director, Private Investment […]

December 2022