Staff Extension

Our clients’ needs change, and we can change with them. Our staff extension model complements our clients’ internal resources and provides them with additional expertise to help identify and implement the best investment ideas for their portfolios.

We often work with clients who have significant investment staff to augment their in-house support with our robust manager networks and deep portfolio construction and asset class expertise. Working with each client to customize a service arrangement, we can serve as a sounding board to clients’ investment staff on portfolio risk exposures, manager ideas and introductions, implementation plans including forward calendars, and upcoming investment opportunities.

This service model is designed to evolve with each client’s needs over time and typically works well for clients who don’t have the same level of resources and infrastructure across asset classes as a fully built investment office.


In this edition of VantagePoint, we explore the historical drivers of the value risk premium to determine if there have been any fundamental changes since 2007, the start of the global financial crisis, and to understand conditions that must be present for a sustained period of value outperformance.