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Advisory Services

We partner with you to achieve your goals

If you prefer to be involved in investment decisions, we adapt our investment advice and resources to meet you where you are. We can provide advisory solutions for your total portfolio or for select asset classes, markets, or strategies.

We empower you to make the best financial decisions

We provide customizable advisory portfolio management. This tailored model works well if you prefer to be actively involved in investment decisions or need additional resources and expertise to support internal investment staff.

You’ll benefit from the full strength of Cambridge Associates’ knowledge, research capabilities, and investment platform. Working with a dedicated team focused on your goals, you’ll retain final approval on investment decisions.

We are a hands-on partner in managing your portfolio

With our advisory portfolio management approach, your Cambridge Associates investment team provides daily portfolio oversight. This includes directive recommendations on asset allocation, portfolio structure, and manager selection.



We can extend your in-house resources

For institutions and family offices with a well-staffed investment office, we also provide a tailored approach to augment your existing staff resources. Functioning as an extension of your team, we’ll provide access to the specific skills, manager network, or sounding board your organization requires.

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