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Hedge Funds

Identify the right funds

We track 4,000 hedge funds of which we consider only about 5% suitable for investment.

Why Cambridge Associates?

We cast a wide net to find best-in-class ideas

Over the last four decades, our clients have benefited from the differentiated return streams, capital protection, and reduced volatility of hedge fund investments.

Only a small number of funds offer an appropriate level of risk-adjusted returns. Identifying those funds takes considerable time and resources.

Our Approach

We set a high bar for our clients' investments

Around the globe, our hedge fund specialists are on the ground to find and invest in hedge fund managers that we believe offer a clear edge in generating sustainable alpha. Our dedicated business risk management team then evaluates the manager’s operations platform and processes to ensure they align with the manager’s investment strategy and products.

This all happens before our Hedge Fund Ratings Committee deems any fund suitable for our clients.

You can benefit from improved fees and terms

With a large number of sophisticated clients, we’re able to use our market presence to negotiate favorable fees and terms with over 150 hedge fund managers. These fee reductions can directly impact your portfolio’s net return.

  • 40+ senior professionals dedicated to hedge funds
  • 18 years, on average, of industry experience for our hedge fund professionals
  • 1,100 meetings with hedge fund managers per year

We look for new ideas early

Our deep expertise and long-term commitment to hedge fund investing means we’re able to identify smaller and emerging managers early. We believe this is a key factor in sourcing managers who are most likely to succeed over the long term.

How can we help build the right portfolio for you?