Investment Topic: Hedge Funds

Pension Series January 2020
Friend or Foe: Hedge Funds Versus Alternative Risk Premia (Euro Edition)

It has been a challenging time for hedge funds in recent years. Loose monetary policy has driven equity markets upwards and hurt short books. The growth of quantitatively traded funds has eroded some of the inefficiencies commonly exploited by hedge funds. This fact, coupled with the shift toward low-fee passive and alternative risk premia (ARP) products, has raised questions about the merits of hedge funds in investor portfolios. In this paper, we focus on comparing ARP versus hedge funds and investigate whether hedge funds and ARP funds are complementary or whether ARP funds are actually a viable replacement for hedge funds.
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Research Report November 2019
Outlook 2020: Ten Investing Themes for the Coming Year

This year’s returns have been driven more by what has not gone wrong than what has gone right. Slowing economic growth and lackluster earnings have not shifted investors’ focus from dovish central banks and a slight easing of geopolitical risks. It is an open question whether investors will remain so sanguine in 2020. Our Outlook 2020 highlights ten themes for the coming year, with a focus on key macro questions, emerging opportunities, and risks.
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November 2018
Protecting Pension Plans’ Hard-Won Gains: Could Hedge Funds Play a Role?

In the November 2018 issue of Benefits Magazine, covering pension plan issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public plan representatives, Investment Managing Director in Cambridge Associates’ Pension Practice, Joe Marenda, contributed an article discussing how hedge funds may play a role in protecting pension plans’ funded status in the event of a recession or stock…
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Research Report June 2014
Investing in Asian Hedge Funds: Opportunities and Challenges

Asia’s economic development continues to attract global investor’s interest. Yet, investing in Asia-focused hedge funds has proved challenging due to illiquidity, shorting constraints, and underdeveloped legal systems. This report takes an in-depth look at four strategies (long/short equity, credit opportunities, event-driven, and macro), highlighting the challenges each faces and the opportunity set available. All things considered, long/short equity and macro strategies present the most interesting prospects, event-driven and liquid credit strategies less so. We remain cautious on broad implementation in the near term; liquidity and governance drawbacks in most cases outweigh the benefits of geographic diversification and market inefficiency.
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Research Report May 2014
Multi-Manager Funds: A Toolkit for Evaluation

This report discusses the rise of multi-managers, compares the performance of multi-manager funds with traditional multi-strategy funds, and outlines the key questions investors should ask when conducting due diligence on a multi-manager fund.
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