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Our Culture

We believe culture is central to your success and ours

We believe in a vibrant, values-driven culture that is supportive, inclusive, and diverse. Here, we celebrate the individual while we support global connectivity. We foster an inclusive and diverse environment that enables all individuals to engage and bring their full selves to work. We believe that people do their best when they feel supported and empowered. To do this, we invest in everyone’s wellbeing and career mobility. Ours is a team-oriented environment, where you can continue to learn on an ongoing basis.

CA believes in a culture where you can thrive, work toward career goals you define, and invest in what matters to you both inside and outside of the workplace.

We believe our clients come first

Our clients are the most compelling endowments, foundations, pension plan sponsors, family offices and institutional investors around the globe. Our deep partnership with our clients helps them accomplish incredible things – they fund cures, economic empowerment, community programming, educational opportunities, hospitals, retirements, and beyond. While we all contribute to our clients meeting their objectives, our clients in turn create a broad, positive impact on the world at large.

We believe focusing on both our clients and on your individual experience is critical to ensure their success and ours. Creating a diverse and inclusive culture means driving better results for the clients who choose to partner with us. By putting our clients first, we empower our colleagues to create the strong performance that enables our clients to do more good in the world.

We believe we do our best when you do your best.

We are only as successful as you are. We actively recruit and invest in the most dynamic and diverse talent and then empower our employees to succeed. By leveraging your unique skills, developing your individual career goals, and building a collaborative global community of connected, diverse individuals, we build a community that is stronger together.

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