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AI & Healthcare: The Next Frontier

Cambridge Associates

This episode publishes on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

Artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare, unleashing new investment opportunities. From cancer screening to chronic disease management, AI promises to augment clinical decision-making and improve care.

In the final episode of season four, we’ll explore the surging ecosystem of medical AI innovations, from the emerging tech landscape to practical deployment. What are the challenges facing real-world implementation? Which applications show the most promise? Join us as we investigate how artificial intelligence can change healthcare for the better while examining what it will take to do it well.

Guests include:

  • Bob Nelsen, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Arch Venture Partners
  • Daphne Koller, Founder and CEO at insitro
  • David Baker, Ph.D., Director at the Institute for Protein Design and Professor of Biochemistry at University of Washington, a Cambridge Associates client
  • Theresa Hajer, Partner and Managing Director of Venture Capital Research at Cambridge Associates

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