Non-Discretionary Management

We were founded on the principle of helping investors achieve their performance goals by serving as a hands-on investment partner. We work closely with clients to understand their risk tolerances and deliver robust investment strategies designed to meet their complex needs.

With more than 40 years of experience serving as a trusted investment advisor to institutional investors, families, and family offices, our non-discretionary management service provides clients with an experienced investment team to consider portfolio and investment issues while ensuring that the client maintains final decision making on portfolio investments.

This service model is available for total or partial portfolios and typically works well for clients who have the resources and expertise to contribute to portfolio performance alongside their investment team or for clients who simply prefer to retain decision-making authority over their portfolio’s investments.


In this edition of VantagePoint, we explore the historical drivers of the value risk premium to determine if there have been any fundamental changes since 2007, the start of the global financial crisis, and to understand conditions that must be present for a sustained period of value outperformance.