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When Secondaries Should Come First

Investors seeking to gain initial exposure to private investments should actively consider secondaries, rather than funds-of-funds, as the very first step to constructing a long-term private equity portfolio.

August 2017

Is Deregulation the Death Knell of Direct Lending? Reviewing the Evidence

Some market participants have feared the worst for direct lending from a potential repeal of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In this brief, we review the data and show that changes in banks’ lending behavior cannot clearly be traced to the passage of Dodd-Frank or its implementation.

June 2017

Is Now the Time to Invest in Real Assets?

Answers to our clients’ questions about market action and the market environment in a few paragraphs every two weeks. In a word, yes, albeit slowly and selectively. Since the US presidential election, the market appears to be pricing in renewed expectations of growth and inflation, both of which have the potential to positively impact real […]

February 2017

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