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VantagePoint: First Quarter 2017

Celia Dallas

The start of the year is always a good time to focus on personal improvements with resolutions. In this edition of VantagePoint, we share in the spirit of a new year by providing investment resolutions:

Ten Temptations to Resist in 2017

  1. Chasing macro and political developments
  2. Investing while looking through the rearview mirror
  3. Sticking with a strategy designed to work only in a falling rate environment
  4. Ignoring the risk of rising inflation
  5. Giving up on diversification
  6. Cutting net returns along with fees
  7. Bucketing hedge funds as if they are all the same
  8. Taking too much risk eight years into a bull market
  9. Ignoring currency risk
  10. Cutting back on belts and braces ahead of what may well be a bumpy ride