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Video: Navigating Liquidity Challenges: The Importance of Portfolio Stress Testing

Unsteady markets can cause unexpected liquidity demands and impede, or even undo, hard-earned long-term portfolio growth. Stress testing your portfolio can help avoid the unexpected sale of assets and may enable you to take advantage of opportunities during market downturns. Adam Barber, Senior Investment Director in the Private Client Practice, explains how—and why—a portfolio stress […]

May 2024

Role Models: Pensions Can Use Data to Optimize PI Allocations

Tapping private markets in search of added returns is common practice among defined benefit pensions and other institutional investors. However, many pensions still avoid private investments (PI) out of fear that long-term capital lockups could elevate liquidity risk. Some also remain alarmed by the potential consequences of the “denominator effect.” This refers to situations in […]

April 2024

Better Alternative(s): Private Investments May Improve Outcomes for Defined Contribution Plan Participants

For decades, many institutional investors with private investment (PI) exposure have generated strong long-term returns. However, defined contribution (DC) plan participants have not been able to benefit in the same way, as employers have historically been limited to investment line-ups featuring predominantly public market asset classes. Although greater flexibility is emerging, the question remains how […]

March 2024

A Changed Investment Landscape Is Providing Greater Opportunity for US Corporate Pensions

Over the past decade, executives overseeing corporate defined benefit (DB) pension plans have experienced significant regulatory reform and a full reversal of investment conditions. While rising liabilities once offset asset gains, the opposite is now true. Yet many organizations haven’t recalibrated their approach to plan management in response, leaving them exposed to unnecessary costs and […]

January 2024

2024 Outlook

The Cambridge Associates 2024 Outlook features our investment outlook for 2024, separated into eight key investment themes.  

December 2023

2024 Outlook: Sustainability & Impact

We expect more companies will set science-based targets to reduce their emissions and develop credible transition plans to meet their targets. We believe funds raised by natural capital strategies will hit a new record and that California carbon allowances will outperform global equities. 2024 Should Be the Year of the “Transition Plan” Simon Hallett, Head […]

December 2023

Do Shifting US-China Geopolitics Create Investment Opportunities Elsewhere in Asia?

Yes, US-China geopolitical realities are already having an impact on trade and investment flows within Asia. China will remain an important destination for investor capital, but the shift in capital flows, alongside positive domestic structural developments in other parts of Asia, create investment opportunities beyond China that deserve a closer look. Trade and financial “decoupling” […]

November 2023

VantagePoint: Asia Opportunities Amid Shifting Geopolitics – Part II

The shifting geopolitical realities between the United States and China have already impacted trade and investment flows. In this two-part series of VantagePoint, we review this reality and consider investment implications alongside those of other key factors—such as domestic structural developments, macroeconomic conditions, and valuations. In Part I, we focused on opportunities in China specifically. […]

November 2023

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