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VantagePoint: Asia Opportunities Amid Shifting Geopolitics – Part I

The shifting geopolitical realities between the United States and China have already impacted trade and investment flows. In this two-part series of VantagePoint, we review this reality and consider investment implications alongside those of other key factors—such as domestic structural developments, macroeconomic conditions, and valuations. In Part I, we focus on opportunities in China specifically, […]

October 2023

Shelter from the Storms: Diversification and Opportunity for Pensions in Insurance-Linked Securities

The importance of portfolio diversification gained new currency following the down market of 2022, which showcased the frailties of the traditional 60/40 portfolio and left many investors scrambling for protection. For pension funds looking to meet this need, we believe insurance-linked securities (ILS) can be a good fit. While implementation and benchmarking are less straightforward […]

October 2023

Stewardship: a Long-Term Strategy

Lucrecia Tam, a senior investment director at Cambridge Associates, discusses the importance of stewardship with Andrew Holt, Deputy Editor at portfolio institutional.   What for you are the key component parts of effective stewardship? The way we approach stewardship is to evaluate the culture that is set in the context of long-term ownership – our […]

October 2023

Strategic Investor Engagement: Driving Stewardship for a Net Zero Future

To accelerate net zero objectives, investors are well placed to leverage their voice as asset owners through stewardship and engagement activities with investments not aligned with a net zero pathway. Climate-related engagement can yield significant positive outcomes, and there are multiple ways to engage depending on an investor’s capacity and resources. Recent research shows that […]

October 2023

Key Central Bank Policy Rates Approach Cyclical Peak

Over the past two weeks, central banks in the United States, United Kingdom, euro area, and Japan have all held monetary policy meetings. The communications following these meetings retained a hawkish bias, suggesting further policy tightening may be necessary—except for the Bank of Japan (BOJ)—however, additional interest rate hikes will likely be much less frequent […]

September 2023

Do Recent Upward Revisions to the United Kingdom's GDP Mean the Outlook Is Brighter?

No. Although GDP revisions showing that the UK economy recovered more quickly and strongly from the COVID-19 period than was initially thought are welcome, the country faces headwinds to growth in the coming quarters. We continue to recommend holding UK equities at benchmark weights. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently released revisions to historical […]

September 2023

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in the Energy Transition?

Yes, the transition to a low-carbon economy is producing a myriad of productive ways to put capital to work. Considerable capital will be needed to fund the massive investment required over coming decades. Investors looking to maximize impact should invest in strategies that lean into recent policy initiatives (e.g., the Inflation Reduction Act [IRA]) and […]

August 2023

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