CA Institute

The CA Institute supports a community of prominent institutional investors. We provide our clients with access to a large network of institutional investors and more than 40 years of research and peer data, helping them to stay ahead of an ever-changing investment landscape.

We work with institutional investors to understand and deploy best practices in endowment governance, benchmarking, and supporting the institution overall. Our work is built upon years of research on governance, investment responsibilities and costs, performance drivers, spending policies and practices, and the impact investments have on the vital enterprises they support.

We meticulously research the composition of endowment and foundation portfolios, as well as their quarterly, annual, and most importantly, long-term performance. We study the composition of governing bodies, and how they make decisions. We stay ahead of evolving management models and help investors understand how implementation may impact resources, roles and responsibilities, and results. Our methodology considers a variety of factors including how endowments support their enterprises, financial sustainability, and enterprise risk and liquidity needs. In addition to annual longitudinal studies, we also develop quick studies of current topics, such as manager concentration, spending policy adjustments, and endowment fees. This comprehensive research, combined with in-depth analysis and insights, informs our customized approach to portfolio management and helps us to meet our clients’ unique needs.

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