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Private Investment Benchmarks

We provide selected statistics from our industry-standard benchmarks free of charge. Full benchmark reports can be purchased by our partners at S&P Dow Jones Indices*.

*We provide our benchmark data directly to clients, fund managers who contribute to the benchmark, and certain industry associations. In addition, LSEG/Refinitiv will contribute to distribute our PI benchmark data via an online application. With exception of these market segments, S&P Dow Jones Indices is the exclusive distributor of our benchmark data in PDF and digital-only formats to end users, and platform redistributors. Cambridge Associates owns the private investments benchmark data and is responsible for the collection of data; production of the benchmarks; and maintaining the security and confidentiality of the dataset. S&P Dow Jones Indices and Refinitiv have access to anonymous and aggregated data only.

Current benchmark statistics

At Cambridge Associates, we build our private investment benchmarks relying on four decades of experience investing in private capital markets. Our benchmarks are fully composed of institutional-quality funds, and the underlying information that contributes to the quality and integrity of our data is sourced directly from the quarterly fund financial statements provided by the fund managers. We provide horizon index data for select asset classes.

Benchmark Commentary

Adding insights to our information

In our semi-annual benchmark commentaries, we discuss primary drivers of private equity and venture capital index returns in the US, developed ex-US, and emerging markets. The commentaries include performance analyses for the largest vintage years, sectors, and in the ex-US editions, countries.

Historical Benchmark Statistics

A library of past reports

We make the past year of summary statistics available for comparative purposes.

Why Participate?

Managers enjoy many benefits from participation

Participation in our benchmarks provides managers with many benefits including:

  • Comparative Data. Participating managers receive copies of Cambridge Associates’ quarterly benchmark reports for their respective asset classes — free of charge. Participants are also eligible for a discount on a digital data feed from our partners at IHS Markit, now a part of S&P Global.
  • Marketing Effectiveness. Managers have the ability to use our benchmark data, if cited appropriately, in their marketing materials.
  • Rankings. We can provide managers with their funds’ rankings within their vintage year by IRR and Multiples.
  • Increased Exposure. Participating funds are added to our internal database, thereby increasing a manager’s exposure and visibility to our investment teams. Funds can also be added to our research platform, providing our extensive client base with detailed information on managers and funds.

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