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Thought Leadership in Action

Join Cambridge Associates and other industry thought leaders for live events, webinars, and event replays. Together, we’ll share exclusive insights on the latest trends, ideas, and best practices shaping the investment landscape.

September, 20 2023

Dinner with Cambridge Associates in Brussels

Join us for an informal roundtable discussion on ‘The good, the bad and the investible: In today’s market, what asset classed are families considering?’ with investors and family offices. This event is for current and prospective private clients of Cambridge Associates only. Please contact for more information.

September, 19 2023

Singapore Networking Reception

Join us for a relaxed evening of conversation over drinks and canapes at our networking reception in Singapore on September 19, 2023 (during the week of SuperReturn Asia 2023). Hosted by Cambridge Associates' investment leaders, this event is for Cambridge Associates' clients, prospective clients, and selected managers. Please contact for more information.

September, 07 2023

Next Gen Connections at the Conduit

We held end-of-summer cocktails at The Conduit in London, continuing a Cambridge Associates series that brings together a diverse community of next generation family members including innovators and inquisitive minds, to network and connect with peers. This event was for next generation family members of current and prospective private clients of Cambridge Associates only. Please contact for more information.

Event Replay

Webinar: Is Now a Good Time to Invest in the Energy Transition?

On September 6, 11:00am–12:00pm ET/4:00pm-5:00pm BST, Cambridge Associates’ held an online discussion where thought leaders shared their perspectives on risks and opportunities the energy transition brings to the investment landscape. Watch the event replay here. The webinar focused on how considerable capital will be needed to fund the transition to a low-carbon economy as called for in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Technological advancements and recent policy initiatives are unlocking opportunities for investors to both profit from and accelerate the transition through investments in private and public markets. At the same time, the disruptive forces this evolution brings will create plenty of losers. To benefit, investors must have a thoughtful strategy grounded in an understanding of the risks and rewards. A live Q&A with our participants followed the presentation. To submit questions in advance, please email

Featured Speakers

Celia Dallas

Chief Investment Strategist

Wade O’Brien

Managing Director, Capital Markets Research

Di Tang

Senior Investment Director

July, 06 2023

Munich Networking Event

Europe is witnessing a remarkable increase in digital developments as well as in venture capital involvement. What are the implications and how do you position an investment portfolio accordingly? At our first Munich networking event at the Mandarin Oriental, Joe Marenda, Head of Digital Assets, explained the risks and opportunities of digital assets, and the role blockchain plays in a private investment portfolio. Afterward, guests exchanged ideas with peers over drinks and finger foods in a relaxed atmosphere on the roof terrace. Please note that this event was for Cambridge Associates’ clients and prospective clients only.

Featured Speakers

Joseph Marenda

Head of Hedge Fund Research and Digital Assets Investing