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A global investment partner

We build and manage custom investment portfolios across asset classes for institutional investors, private clients, and family offices.

Whether it’s empowering future generations, supporting charitable endeavors, funding employee retirements, or preserving a lasting legacy, we aim to maximize each portfolio’s potential and empower our clients to make a meaningful impact on the world.

  • 50 years of investment innovation
  • 96% average client retention rate*
  • 2 European offices in the UK and Germany

Who We Are

Our offering is broad by design

With Cambridge Associates, you get the best of both worlds: the robust resources of a global firm and the personalised care of a boutique firm.


We build custom portfolios that aim to outperform over the long term. You own the funds and their impact directly. With five decades of investing experience, our dedicated investment teams will focus on your specific long-term goals and constraints. The Cambridge Associates team will feel like an extension of yours.


*Not indicative of client satisfaction. Average annual rate for five years ending 31 December 2023.

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Who We Serve

Our practice areas

We have three specialised practice areas designed to provide each client with an investment approach and portfolio that meets their unique needs.

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2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Report

We believe in the power of diverse voices to drive performance, recognizing that we create the best opportunity to deliver for our clients, our firm, and our community when every voice is engaged and empowered.

News around Cambridge Associates

With offices in six countries around the globe, there's always something happening at Cambridge Associates

Why Choose OCIO?

Prioritizing Strategic Governance: Why 4 Investment Committee Chairs Opted for OCIO

The Decision to Delegate

We had a conversation with investment committee chairs from four institutions with assets ranging from $200 million to $850 million to understand why they chose to delegate decision-making on their investment portfolios. Hear them reflect on that decision today.
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What We Offer

Outsourced CIO (Discretionary Management)

As an investment partner to some of the most sophisticated investors in the world for the last five decades, we have learned firsthand which practices are most likely to lead to investment success—and which practices can create the biggest roadblocks.

That’s why we built a different kind of OCIO business. One that is purposely designed to focus on what we believe are the key drivers of long-term investment success: building a portfolio uniquely calibrated for your goals, finding and accessing best-in-class global managers, and maximizing the long-term stability of your portfolio.

Advisory Services

We provide customisable advisory portfolio management. This tailored model works well if you prefer to be actively involved in investment decisions or need additional resources and expertise to support internal investment staff.

You’ll benefit from the full strength of Cambridge Associates’ knowledge, research capabilities, and investment platform. Working with a dedicated team focused on your goals, you’ll retain final approval on investment decisions.

Asset Class Mandates

For clients who want to outsource their alternative assets portfolios or other niche strategies, we can apply our investment expertise and robust investment network to a select part of your portfolio.

Private Markets Mandates

Hedge Fund Mandates

Impact Strategies

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