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CA Answers September 2021
Contagion Risk From China Evergrande Likely Low

Fears that a default by China Evergrande Group could trigger a financial crisis has led to some weakness in global equities in recent days, with the MSCI All Country World Index falling 3.5% from its peak. While Evergrande is likely to default and require a major restructuring, we view fears of a broader financial crisis as overblown.
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CA Answers August 2021
Can Value Stocks Continue to Outperform the Broad Market?

Yes, we believe value stocks can resume their leadership relative to the broad market over the next six to 12 months, provided we are correct in our assessment that the economic impact of COVID-19 Delta variant will be limited in major developed markets and China.
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CA Answers May 2021
Should Clients Consider Diversity When Making Investment Decisions?

Diversity is not just about gender or ethnicity—it is about having different perspectives, different points of reference, and different experiences. Homogeneous investment teams are more susceptible to groupthink, missing out on unknown opportunities, and being blind to some risks. Investors should consider diversity in the investment decision-making process, as we expect a diversity of thought and talent will lead to better investment outcomes than a process that ignores this important issue.
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CA Answers May 2021
US Inflation Spikes, as Expected

Today, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly inflation report for April, which highlighted that prices paid by urban consumers for a basket of goods and services increased by 4.2% relative to the same month last year.
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