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The Private Credit Playbook: Understanding Opportunities for Family Investors

Today, private investors and wealthy families are facing uncertainties related to economic growth, inflation, interest rates, and private investment exit opportunities. Yet, these same market challenges are serving as tailwinds for certain asset classes, including private credit. In today’s environment, we believe private credit can deliver attractive returns, supported by a strong foundation in protected […]

May 2024

VantagePoint: Building Resilient Public Equity Portfolios

While there has been much debate around whether active managers can outperform passive indexes overall, a more relevant question is whether investors should pursue active management in public, long-only equities at all. Despite the challenges, we believe active management, especially in less efficient markets, can be worthwhile if investors: 1) employ a rigorous manager research […]

May 2024

Video: Navigating Liquidity Challenges: The Importance of Portfolio Stress Testing

Unsteady markets can cause unexpected liquidity demands and impede, or even undo, hard-earned long-term portfolio growth. Stress testing your portfolio can help avoid the unexpected sale of assets and may enable you to take advantage of opportunities during market downturns. Adam Barber, Senior Investment Director in the Private Client Practice, explains how—and why—a portfolio stress […]

May 2024

2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Report

Welcome to the Cambridge Associates 2023 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) report. We are proud of our commitment to DEI and excited to share our ongoing progress with you. We believe in the power of diverse voices to drive performance, recognizing that we create the best opportunity to deliver for our clients, our firm, and […]

May 2024

Are US Small Caps Poised to Outperform?

Yes. We believe higher-quality US small-cap companies trade at a significant discount to large-cap peers, and their balance sheets have held up better than headlines suggest. Recent earnings for small-cap companies have disappointed, but we see this as more driven by sector and cyclical effects that should ease over the next 12 to 18 months […]

May 2024

Private Credit Strategies: An Introduction

Private credit offers distinct advantages and appeal in a low return environment, but investors should be aware that behind the name is a diverse array of strategies, some more familiar to institutional investors than others, each with idiosyncratic risks. In this report, we describe the broad array of private credit strategies and position them along the risk/return spectrum, review the investment process, discuss expectations for the performance of these strategies in various parts of the economic cycle, and highlight some key risks for investors to consider.

May 2024

The Divestment Question: Focus on Governance

“Divest now!” Passionate voices are demanding distance between the endowment and investments that can be connected to war and human suffering. Divestment campaigns may seek to influence change, take an ethical investing stance, and/or ensure that the capital of the institution they care about does not fund or profit from a cause or actions they […]

May 2024

Private Credit Markets Are Growing in Size and Opportunity

For many investors, 2024 started where last year left off. Hopes of an economic soft landing are growing, inflation is slowly receding, and last year’s winners (e.g., mega-cap growth stocks) continue to rip higher. Credit markets have seen more muted gains after a gangbuster fourth quarter 2023, but strong demand and rising confidence mean issuance […]

April 2024

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