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Optimizing Wealth Transfer for Families: A Focus on Next Gen Investors

Most families of significant wealth inevitably grapple with intergenerational wealth transitions. Shifting the responsibility for a family’s long-term financial health can be a challenging endeavor that has the potential to strain family dynamics. Families without a clear succession plan put their wealth preservation at significant risk, as a lack of planning can lead to uncertainty […]

October 2022

Investment Governance: Creating a Framework That Works for a Family

Investment governance plays a critical role in the ability of families with substantial wealth to define their financial objectives and formulate a strategy for a diversified portfolio. Investment strategy—including asset allocation, selection and monitoring of investments, and risk management—demands a large amount of attention from families and their advisors. While investment governance is at least […]

September 2022

Case Study: How intentional governance drove investment opportunities for a global family business

Amir Maroun transformed his father’s business from a local laundry service into a highly successful commercial cleaning company. The family’s wealth came primarily from the operating business, but was managed with an ad-hoc approach to investing and lacked a disciplined decision-making framework. Recognizing the need for greater investment guidance, the family turned to Cambridge Associates […]

September 2022

Building a Lasting Family Legacy in Asia: Values, Governance, and Policy

A large and growing cohort of next generation (next gen) investors in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) are preparing to take on the responsibility of managing their family’s wealth. The region accounts for a large and growing sum of total wealth worldwide (Figure 1). In Singapore alone, the number of family offices increased from approximately 200 to […]

September 2022

Implementing a Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategy – A Family Perspective

In the second of our two-part series on philanthropy and sustainable investing, we take a closer look at portfolio implementation best practices for families. In doing so, we outline how families may wish to identify opportunities within sustainable and impact investing (SII) themes. We discuss the broad opportunity set, how to construct and then actively […]

August 2022

Unblurring the Boundary Between Philanthropy and Impact Investing for Families

In engaging with our family clients around the world, we are often asked for views on two related topics – how to think about philanthropy versus impact investing and how to best implement a socially and/or environmentally impactful investment strategy. Whilst common themes transcend these topics, each is distinct, and, as such, we will outline […]

August 2022

Video: Portfolio Construction for Private Families

Portfolio management for families of significant wealth is distinctly different than for institutions, or those with traditional wealth management needs. For these families, the wealth typically exists in a much more complex ecosystem—among real estate investments, operating companies, or multiple generations, by way of example. These factors should have a meaningful impact on investment strategy, […]

June 2022

While Great Entrepreneurs Leap, Great Investors Plan

As entrepreneurs know well, the process of creating and managing a successful business is complex and requires great skill, insight, and hard work. Successful management of significant wealth requires similar attributes; however, not all the characteristics fundamental to entrepreneurial success translate to effective portfolio management. This can create challenges for entrepreneurs—whether they are still actively […]

May 2022

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