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Will Fusion Power (or “Stars in a Jar”) Replace Fossil Fuels?

Cambridge Associates

Harnessing fusion power has been an elusive goal of physicists and researchers for decades. However, recent scientific advances are helping to make that goal a reality. Described as a star in a bottle, fusion is what powers our sun and stars, offering us the prospect of limitless clean energy. But here on earth, it has presented unresolved engineering challenges—until now.

Commonwealth Fusion Systems is on the brink of delivering commercial fusion energy thanks to their revolutionary magnet. But how does a safe, limitless, carbon-free, fusion power plant operate? What does it look like? How and when will this technology be replicated to meet the world’s energy needs?

In this episode of Unseen Upside: Investments Beyond Their Returns, we’ll learn more from Bob Mumgaard (Commonwealth Fusion Systems); Katie Rae (The Engine); and Theresa Hajer (Cambridge Associates).

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