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Events at Cambridge Associates

Join Cambridge Associates and other thought leaders for in-person events, webinars, replays, and industry events. Together, we’ll share exclusive insights on the latest trends, ideas, and best practices shaping the investment landscape.

October, 18 2023

An Evening in Milan with Cambridge Associates

Cambridge Associates’ Francesca Signorelli and Francesco Agnes, along with venture capitalists from Lux Capital, FJ Labs, and Balderton Capital, discussed the current opportunities presented by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. They delved into how these technologies are being applied to transform core industries, providing exciting opportunities for early-stage investors. Panelists included Grace Isford, Partner at Lux Capital; Jose Marin, Co-Founder at FJ Labs; and James Wise, Partner at Balderton Capital. After the remarks, attendees networked with other institutional and family office investors. Please note this event is for Cambridge Associates’ clients and prospective clients only. To learn more, click here.

Featured Speakers

Francesco Agnès

Managing Director, Endowment & Foundation Practice

Francesca Signorelli

Partner, Private Client Practice

October, 17-18 2023

Impact Investing Forum

Designing a brighter and more equitable future through sustainable and impact investing requires both qualitative and quantitative tools at our disposal today, and those yet to come. Our 9th annual Impact Investing Forum took place in Toronto, Canada, and aimed to help investors prudently navigate risk, find actionable opportunities, and authentically contribute to real-world solutions to the most pressing challenges faced by communities worldwide. This year, we explored the art and science of sustainable and impact investing. Practitioners, forward-thinking allocators, non-profit, and family investors partook in engaging discussions and interactive breakout sessions on the latest innovations, case studies, and best practices around sustainable and impact investing, including:

  • Art: As we harness creative inspiration to develop and implement theories of change, we continue to push the limits of our imagination to sketch inclusive blueprints for economic, social, and environmental equity and health.
  • Science: At the same time, we develop and analyze data, metrics, and research to test impact theses and measure progress toward truly sustainable real-world outcomes over time.
Please note that this event is for Cambridge Associates’ clients and prospective clients only. Please reach out to for more information.

September, 20 2023

Dinner with Cambridge Associates in Brussels

We had an informal roundtable discussion on ‘The good, the bad and the investible: In today’s market, what asset classes are families considering?’ with investors and family offices. This event was for current and prospective private clients of Cambridge Associates only. Please contact for more information.

September, 19 2023

Singapore Networking Reception

We had a relaxed evening of conversation over drinks and canapes at our networking reception in Singapore on September 19, 2023 (during the week of SuperReturn Asia 2023). Hosted by Cambridge Associates' investment leaders, this event was for Cambridge Associates' clients, prospective clients, and selected managers. Please contact for more information.

September, 07 2023

Next Gen Connections at the Conduit

We held end-of-summer cocktails at The Conduit in London, continuing a Cambridge Associates series that brings together a diverse community of next generation family members including innovators and inquisitive minds, to network and connect with peers. This event was for next generation family members of current and prospective private clients of Cambridge Associates only. Please contact for more information.