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The Financial Performance of Real Assets Impact Investments: Introducing the Timber, Real Estate, and Infrastructure Impact Benchmarks

Within impact investing, real assets investments constitute one of the largest opportunity sets. This report presents findings from our analysis of the financial performance of 55 private real assets impact investing funds across three sectors: timber, real estate, and infrastructure. We find that risk-adjusted market rates of return are achievable in impact investing, but note that as with conventional funds, manager selection is key to success. This report also marks the launch of the real assets impact investing financial performance benchmarks, which will track the performance of impact investing funds across the three sectors of focus and will be maintained and updated on a quarterly basis.

May 2017

Is Now the Time to Invest in Real Assets?

Answers to our clients’ questions about market action and the market environment in a few paragraphs every two weeks. In a word, yes, albeit slowly and selectively. Since the US presidential election, the market appears to be pricing in renewed expectations of growth and inflation, both of which have the potential to positively impact real […]

February 2017

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