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The Investment Issues Faced by Very Wealthy Families Right Now

In this article, Chris Ivey, Head of the European Private Client Practice at Cambridge Associates, discusses what his clients are pondering amidst erratic markets. Ivey’s commentary covers the importance of having strong governance in place and an agreed strategic asset allocation. He also shares insights on assessing liquidity needs and upgrading investment portfolios by gaining […]

April 2020

Q&A: Cambridge Associates' Featherby on PE's time to shine

Senior Investment Director Joshua Featherby shares his thoughts on the short- and longer-term outlook for private equity in the post coronavirus market. “Private equity has an important role to play in the local and global economy, and I believe this will be true, if not truer, coming out of this crisis.” Read the full Q&A […]

April 2020

FBR Featured Guest: Sona Menon

Sona Menon, Head of the North American Pension Practice at Cambridge Associates, is a featured guest on this Forbes podcast to discuss the role of hedge funds in a pension portfolio, her experience as an outsourced CIO, and so much more! Listen to “FBR Featured Guest: Sona Menon” on Spreaker.

April 2020

Figure Out Your Cash, Cambridge Associates Urges Health Funds

This article, based on an interview about our latest research, examines how to navigate healthcare system investments through the coronavirus crisis. For healthcare systems’ investment offices, the most pressing issue is staying liquid. Read the full story here.

April 2020

Helping institutional investors stay on track with their investing agendas

For non-profit institutions, the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus, and the speed by which these disruptions have materialized, create a perfect financial storm. “In times of uncertainty, you need a plan. This is the time for the plan and it’s very important that you follow it no matter what,” said Margaret Chen, Global Head […]

March 2020

Annachiara Marcandalli at SuperReturn International 2020

ESG and impact investment in the private markets – where are we now? March 18, 2020—Last month, Cambridge Associates Managing Director Annachiara Marcandalli sat down with Emma Walden at SuperReturn International 2020 to talk about the future of impact investing in private markets.  “The integration of sustainability in investment is starting to make financial and […]

March 2020

How This Small Foundation Invests Like a Big Endowment

In this news article, the Orange County Community Foundation discusses how Cambridge Associates helped develop a strategic allocation plan that was more diversified and contained higher exposures to alternatives. Read the full story here. 

February 2020

Venture Fits Just Right in a Family Office Portfolio

Spurring from our recent paper: Venture Capital Positively Disrupts Intergenerational Investing, this article  discusses why investing in venture can help family offices make a lasting impact on their balance sheet and society. Find the full article here.

January 2020