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Case Study: How intentional governance drove investment opportunities for a global family business

Amir Maroun transformed his father’s business from a local laundry service into a highly successful commercial cleaning company. The family’s wealth came primarily from the operating business, but was managed with an ad-hoc approach to investing and lacked a disciplined decision-making framework. Recognizing the need for greater investment guidance, the family turned to Cambridge Associates […]

September 2022

Case Study: Complementing a general partner’s investment expertise and network

Shannon MacArthur created her family’s wealth as a general partner (GP) of a venture capital (VC) firm. As she neared the end of her career, she started thinking about a long-term plan for her family’s wealth. CLIENT BRIEF Client: The MacArthur family Source of wealth: General partner at a venture capital firm Situation: Seeking an […]

March 2022

Case Study: Building custom portfolios to reflect each family member’s distinct impact investing goals

The Hahn family’s wealth, which originated in manufacturing four generations ago, is today overseen by Wilson, the current family patriarch, and supported by a family office staff of two investment professionals. The family members themselves have minimal investment experience. CLIENT BRIEF Client: Hahn family Source of wealth: Manufacturing (inherited wealth) Situation: Family members with distinct […]

December 2021

Case Study: Building an investment strategy to better serve multiple generations

The Whitlock family wealth came from the sale of legacy real estate holdings. In the seven years following the initial liquidity event, the wealth was managed by two investment banks. The family’s portfolio was made up of multiple trusts of different sizes, invested mostly in US stocks, ETFs, Treasuries, and municipal bonds. The investments in […]

August 2021

Case Study: Furthering a family’s ESG mission in a private investments portfolio

For generations, the Liu family has sought to make the world a better, more sustainable place. The patriarch of the family built the Liu’s wealth through a two-tiered approach: first, an investment in a manufacturing venture, and second, investing the proceeds of that venture into building an operating business with an environmental mission. CLIENT BRIEF […]

February 2021