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Portfolio Protection: Challenges with Equity Put Options

We advise extreme caution in using derivatives to protect portfolios from sharp equity drawdowns. We recommend that investors look to asset allocation to defend against equity risk before buying puts. For those investors who must pursue a tail-risk hedge, we provide a list of potential pitfalls and solutions, in the form of a case study.

May 2021

Will Virus-Linked Risks Overwhelm Small-Cap Equities?

No, we’re optimistic about this diverse collection of companies, and we think investors without dedicated allocations should establish toe-hold positions in developed markets (DM) small-cap equities funded from DM mid- to large-cap peers.

July 2020

Have Global Equities Bottomed?

Investors should maintain a healthy degree of skepticism about the ability of the global economy and risky assets to manage a V-shaped recovery.

June 2020