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Our Groups

Collaboration wins and kindness matters

The dedicated and talented teams at our firm are committed to putting our clients first. Our colleagues collaborate across departments to drive strong performance results for our clients. While focused on clients, we are also committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture that allows all employees to bring their authentic selves to work.

Global Investing

Trust in the experience and integrity of our investment professionals

Our Global Investing group is comprised of investment, research, and business development professionals. Our investment and business development teams are organized by practice, while our research teams are organized by asset class.

Global Investing colleagues work collaboratively to provide our clients with independent research, expertise in alternative investments, and customized portfolio management solutions.

Global Investment Services

Our teams in each practice help clients implement and manage custom portfolios. Teams are well-versed in portfolio management best practices and can manage portfolios on either a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. Team members receive immediate exposure across a wide range of investments spanning all asset classes.

We leverage strategies to direct clients with developing appropriate financial and investment goals, asset allocation policies, and investment manager structures. We provide expert investment advice to our clients across traditional and alternative asset classes, through our deep manager networks and analysis of robust data.

Main practice areas include Endowments & Foundations, Private Clients, Pensions, and Healthcare Systems.

Global Investment Research

Our teams provide clients with independent global manager and capital markets research. Research professionals leverage their experience, networks, and proprietary data to provide our clients with access to timely and actionable investment ideas that aim to drive portfolio performance. We strive to know asset managers, so we can represent them well when investment teams and clients consider them for portfolios.

Covered asset classes include public equities, hedge funds, private investments, credit, and real assets. We provide research of diverse managers, which covers minority and women-owned asset managers. Colleagues also focus on sustainable and impact investing, business risk management, portfolio modeling and quantitative research, and capital markets.

Global Business Development

Our teams are essential to growing, developing, and retaining the firm’s client base. Business development professionals focus on market positioning, brand building, and lead generation strategies and programs. We interface with investment teams and senior management to develop and manage strategic and tactical marketing plans across practice areas.

We have colleagues focused on marketing, strategic events, and external communications strategy, whose goals revolve around raising brand awareness and differentiating Cambridge Associates within the industry. Team members create compelling and action-oriented content and thought leadership for distribution across channels.

Technology & Operations

Delivering solutions to our clients and business

Our Technology & Operations group comprises many departments across the firm working towards a common goal of delivering products, services, and solutions to our clients and internal teams. Team members provide critical support to multiple areas of our firm and contribute to providing foundational support to client relationships. Colleagues are committed to accuracy, consistency, and efficiency.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology group is essential to the work that we do, and we invest in this team to continuously drive Cambridge Associates forward. Our dedicated professionals serve as internal consultants to build advanced solutions across all areas of the business, from streamlining our operations to changing the way we review and build client portfolios.

Our IT teams also serve as business enablers, creating the infrastructure and applications needed to support a growing organization. With a strong focus on security and scalability, this group is critical to our firm’s mission and growth.


Our Operations group delivers portfolio management products and services that support our clients’ investment offices and internal investment and research teams. Our dedicated professionals provide a wide range of critical functions including enterprise data, transaction, and portfolio monitoring services. We offer solutions and tools that provide coverage of global markets and managers and ultimately contribute to more informed decision making.

Our Operations teams are dedicated to the curation of financial data that is accurate and consistent. We can serve as an extension of clients’ investment offices, providing support with portfolio administration and trade execution. We also produce reports that provide a clear picture of a client’s asset allocation and performance spanning all asset classes including total portfolio, hedge funds, and private investments.

Shared Services

Foundational support across the firm, across the globe

Our Shared Services group keys in on collaboration and supports the daily operations of the firm, so investment and operations teams can help clients achieve their investment objectives. This group is committed to understanding the needs of the firm, departments, and employees, and to providing strategic support for the future growth of the firm.

Accounting & Finance

Our Accounting & Finance team serves as a business partner to the firm and its employees by covering key areas. This group ensures that Cambridge Associates’ payables and receivables are documented, paid, and collected in a timely fashion and in accordance with all local regulations. To better serve our internal teams, the Accounting & Finance group is also responsible for budgeting, planning, and financial analysis across the firm.

Human Capital

Our Human Capital team is at the core of our mission to attract and retain top talent. This group works to identify early career and experienced professionals from all backgrounds while ensuring that they have the resources and pathway to continue growing at Cambridge Associates. The Human Capital team also works closely with our business leaders to identify needs and development opportunities for all of our employees so that they are well-positioned to meet their full potential.

Investment Support

Our Investment Support team works diligently so that our client teams can do their best work. This group works in a fast-paced environment to help our investment leaders prepare for every client engagement by managing logistics, schedules, travel, and other projects.

Legal & Compliance

Our Legal & Compliance team partners with business leaders to ensure that all our work is carried out in an ethical, appropriate, and legal manner. Aside from ensuring our compliance with local laws and regulations around the world, this team provides advice and guidance when building relationships with external partners.

Office Services

Our Office Services team keeps our offices running smoothly every day. This team is responsible for ensuring that all of our guests, clients, and managers feel welcome when visiting us. Aside from facilitating office visits and meetings, the Office Services group helps produce presentation materials as well as manage travel and safety programs.

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