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Are Co-investments Attractive in Today’s Environment?

Yes. We believe co-investments are an attractive opportunity in the current market for three primary reasons. First, the challenging fundraising environment has increased the incentive for general partners (GPs) to offer co-investments. Second, in a slow-paced environment, the ability to control capital deployment is increasingly valuable for limited partners (LPs). Third, a co-investment offered today […]

June 2024

Private Credit Strategies: An Introduction

Private credit offers distinct advantages and appeal in a low return environment, but investors should be aware that behind the name is a diverse array of strategies, some more familiar to institutional investors than others, each with idiosyncratic risks. In this report, we describe the broad array of private credit strategies and position them along the risk/return spectrum, review the investment process, discuss expectations for the performance of these strategies in various parts of the economic cycle, and highlight some key risks for investors to consider.

May 2024

Have Public Market Returns Permanently Eclipsed Private Market Returns?

No, while the public market’s outperformance may seem like a total eclipse, this one, like all eclipses, will be temporary. At present, short-term private equity returns do not compare favorably to those of public benchmarks. For the nine months ended September 30, 2023, global private equity and global venture capital underperformed the MSCI ACWI on […]

April 2024

Role Models: Pensions Can Use Data to Optimize PI Allocations

Tapping private markets in search of added returns is common practice among defined benefit pensions and other institutional investors. However, many pensions still avoid private investments (PI) out of fear that long-term capital lockups could elevate liquidity risk. Some also remain alarmed by the potential consequences of the “denominator effect.” This refers to situations in […]

April 2024

Video Series: Co-investing

Co-investments allow investors to make opportunistic investments that can enhance and complement their total portfolio. In this video series, our co-investment team discusses the opportunity set, the role of co-investments in a portfolio, guidelines for implementation, and what we believe are keys to success. Explore our collection of videos:      

March 2024

Better Alternative(s): Private Investments May Improve Outcomes for Defined Contribution Plan Participants

For decades, many institutional investors with private investment (PI) exposure have generated strong long-term returns. However, defined contribution (DC) plan participants have not been able to benefit in the same way, as employers have historically been limited to investment line-ups featuring predominantly public market asset classes. Although greater flexibility is emerging, the question remains how […]

March 2024

In Private Investment, Diverse Fund Management Teams Have Opened Doors

Portfolio diversification is fundamental to effective investment risk management. The term “diversification” traditionally includes asset classes, investment approaches, industry sectors, and geographies. But a vital and often-overlooked dimension of diversification is the people driving portfolio decision making. This dimension of diversification may be especially important in private markets because an asset manager’s deal sourcing is […]

March 2024

A Changed Investment Landscape Is Providing Greater Opportunity for US Corporate Pensions

Over the past decade, executives overseeing corporate defined benefit (DB) pension plans have experienced significant regulatory reform and a full reversal of investment conditions. While rising liabilities once offset asset gains, the opposite is now true. Yet many organizations haven’t recalibrated their approach to plan management in response, leaving them exposed to unnecessary costs and […]

January 2024

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