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Will Fusion Power (or “Stars in a Jar”) Replace Fossil Fuels?

Harnessing fusion power has been an elusive goal of physicists and researchers for decades. However, recent scientific advances are helping to make that goal a reality. Described as a star in a bottle, fusion is what powers our sun and stars, offering us the prospect of limitless clean energy. But here on earth, it has […]

March 2023

A Social & Environmental Equity Investing Framework for Better Real-World Outcomes

Investing can often feel like steering a ship through stormy seas, traversing risks seen and unseen. In recent years, the siren song of investment products that appear aligned with achieving genuine social and financial returns—but are merely designed to attract assets—is one such danger. And this trend, coupled with economic uncertainty, creates a perfect storm […]

March 2023

Climate Tech’s Evolution: The Maturation to a Competitive, Returns-Focused Thematic Investment Sector

Climate technologies (climate tech) have gained popularity among investors in recent years. These technologies encompass a broad set of assets that seek to provide solutions to the challenges associated with climate change. Such assets often include contribution to decarbonization of the global economy and incorporate investment themes such as the energy transition, sustainable food systems, […]

February 2023

Climate Solutions Investing: Your Toolbox for Building a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Climate change is one of the most pressing global challenges, but it also presents significant investment opportunities in the coming decades. All investors should consider exposure to solutions that help mitigate the systematic risks of climate change, as they will benefit economically from a world that is seeking to decarbonise and become more resource efficient. […]

February 2023

From Policy to Implementation: A Net Zero Playbook for Investors

The scientific community tells us that “climate change is a threat to human well-being” and that the window of opportunity to “secure a livable and sustainable future for all” is rapidly closing. If we fail to act, there will be catastrophic impact on the global economy, asset values, and portfolio returns. This urgency is stimulating […]

February 2023

Sustainable and Impact Investing 2022: Insights and Perspectives

Overview Of the 144 Cambridge Associates clients that responded to the 2022 survey, 93 reported engaging in sustainable and impact investing (65%)—up 4 percentage points relative to 2020 and a significant increase of 29 percentage points relative to our 2018 survey results. Foundation and college & university respondents have the highest rates of integration of […]

January 2023

The Work of a Lifetime: Spend-Down Funds

An increasing number of institutions and families are electing to spend down their assets during a limited time period. Why? Some causes—such as climate justice—feel urgent to donors and they respond with more immediate action. Other donors believe greater financial support today through a spend-down fund compounds their impact, leading to better outcomes in totality compared to providing […]

January 2023

2023 Outlook: Sustainability & Impact

We expect meaningful shifts in net zero and other sustainable and impact strategies toward more impactful implementation approaches. In line with this, we expect allocations to diverse managers to rise, as greater numbers of investors embrace stated investment policy objectives. Approaches to Climate & Net Zero Shift from Window Dressing to Real Change in 2023 […]

December 2022

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