Perhaps you’re worried that your portfolio is too concentrated. Maybe you’re interested in alternative investments, or mission-related investing. Whatever your objectives, we work hard to deliver the results you need.

Our number one focus is helping you achieve your investment objectives.  But we also understand that success isn’t always just about performance.  It can be about identifying and implementing good governance practices so you can efficiently and effectively oversee your portfolio.  It’s in helping to ensure that the risks in your portfolio are aligned with the needs of your entire enterprise.  Or helping you more clearly understand the role of the investments in your portfolio so you can better anticipate how your assets will fare during different market environments.  We are committed to creating a relationship that focuses on what’s important to you and helping you realize the results that you are most focused on achieving.

We also think that an important key to long-term success is building long-term relationships.  Our average retention rate is 97% each year for the past ten years.* That doesn’t mean we’re complacent. On the contrary. Hitting numbers like these takes vigilance and sustained commitment.


*Note: Client retention does not necessarily indicate client satisfaction and should not be viewed as an endorsement of Cambridge Associates’ services.