We offer discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services, structured to complement clients’ internal resources and expertise, for total portfolios or a specific asset class mandate.

Discretionary (OCIO)

For clients who want to fully delegate portfolio management decision making, we serve as their fully resourced investment office. Replicating the best practices of leading in-house investment offices, our outsourced investment teams are accountable for portfolio strategy, implementation, day-to-day management, and operations. Managing the portfolio within agreed upon policy guidelines, the outsourced investment team makes all asset allocation, manager selection, manager termination, tactical asset allocation, and portfolio rebalancing decisions.

This service model typically works well for clients who would prefer to spend their time on establishing portfolio guidelines and monitoring the performance of the portfolio while delegating day-to-day portfolio decisions.


For clients who need an experienced investment team to provide day-to-day oversight of their portfolios but wish to retain final decision making on portfolio investments, we provide proactive recommendations on asset allocation, portfolio structure, and manager selection. Investment teams provide decisive recommendations and are accountable for portfolio results, but all changes to the portfolio are pre-approved by the client.

This service model typically works well for clients that have the resources and expertise to contribute to portfolio performance alongside their investment team or for clients who simply prefer to retain decision-making authority over their portfolio’s investments.

Staff Extension

For clients with significant investment staff, we augment their in-house resources with our robust manager networks and deep portfolio construction and asset class expertise. Working with each client to customize a service arrangement, we often serve as a sounding board to clients’ investment staff on portfolio risk exposures, manager ideas and introductions, implementation plans including forward calendars, and upcoming investment opportunities. As part of this model, we provide access to manager due diligence reports, benchmarking, and proprietary research.

This service model typically works well for clients who don’t have the same level of resources and infrastructure across asset classes as a fully built investment office.

Asset Class Mandates

For clients who want to leverage our specialized investment skill and extensive manager networks in alternative assets such as private equity, hedge funds, real assets, private credit, co-investments, and secondaries, we manage specific asset class mandates. With the flexibility to manage asset class mandates on either a discretionary or a non-discretionary basis, we drive investment decisions and are accountable for program results for the asset classes we oversee.

This service model typically works well for clients who wish to engage investment partners with specialized, niche expertise for areas of their portfolio that have the highest alpha-generating potential.

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