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Research Report July 2016
The 15 Percent Frontier

With virtually limitless choices along the asset allocation spectrum, an allocation to private investments greater than 15% has served many investors well. Are you on the right track?
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Research Brief April 2016
Pondering the Consequences of “Brexit”

As the cacophony surrounding the 23 June “Brexit” referendum grows, just how much the United Kingdom stands to lose or gain from leaving remains unclear, and investors with substantial exposures to British assets would do well to pay attention to sentiment.
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Research Note December 2015
Are Your Reserves Long-Term Capital?

Determining the appropriate size of near-term reserves and how to invest any remaining reserves is more art than science and requires careful consideration of a number of factors.
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Research Report December 2015
Risks and Opportunities From the Changing Climate: Playbook for the Truly Long-Term Investor

Considering climate factors is an economic risk management and opportunity capitalization issue core to prudent investing for the long term. In Part I: Risks and the Playbook for Defense, we discuss the potential risks that climate change can inflict upon certain sectors and asset classes and outline corresponding strategies to defend against those risks. In Part II: Opportunities and the Playbook for Offense, we review the thematic areas across public and private asset classes to proactively capitalize on the evolving opportunity set within the “resource efficiency” sector. Overall, the key for long-term investors is to develop a cohesive and customized strategy that fits their beliefs, motivations, and governance structures.
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Research Note October 2015
Private Investments: Filling a Pension’s Return Void

Well-diligenced private investments in a skillfully constructed portfolio are important growth drivers that have helped pension funds deliver superior performance and increased the probability of meeting or exceeding long-term required returns.
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Research Report October 2015
Navigating the Diversified Growth Fund Maze

Diversified growth funds (DGFs) have garnered significant attention and assets—particularly amongst UK defined benefit pension schemes—as a less volatile source of long-term growth. DGFs can be valuable tools for pension portfolio management, but only if trustees understand what they are buying and how it fits into the context of the total portfolio. The simple bifurcation of the available products into traditional and absolute return strategies can be a starting point for trustees to help make sense of the market and set appropriate risk/return expectations across different market environments.
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