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Research Note August 2017
When Secondaries Should Come First

Investors seeking to gain initial exposure to private investments should actively consider secondaries, rather than funds-of-funds, as the very first step to constructing a long-term private equity portfolio.
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Research Note August 2017
Funding Development for Public Universities

Investing in revenue development and fundraising while simultaneously pursuing goals for asset growth is a balancing act. Public universities commonly draw from a combination of three funding sources—the university’s centralized operating budget, gift fees, and administrative fees charged against the endowment—to help pay for the growing costs of development efforts. However, determining the right mix…
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CA Answers August 2017
CA Answers: Is the US Dollar Dead?

Answers to our clients’ questions about market action and the market environment in a few paragraphs every two weeks. We are not ready to pronounce the strong dollar cycle dead, but do admit the US dollar is in critical condition. Investors should remain partially unhedged or prepared to ride out a period of currency volatility.…
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VantagePoint July 2017
VantagePoint: Third Quarter 2017

This quarter’s edition covers the very overvalued US equity market, reviewing what late cycle looks like in the US and casting a critical eye at the consensus view of an overly concentrated market. Also discussed are the better prospects for ex US markets and the importance of remaining diversified.
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Research Brief June 2017
Is Deregulation the Death Knell of Direct Lending? Reviewing the Evidence

Some market participants have feared the worst for direct lending from a potential repeal of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In this brief, we review the data and show that changes in banks’ lending behavior cannot clearly be traced to the passage of Dodd-Frank or its implementation.
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Research Note June 2017
Can College and University Endowments Do More?

Recent policy proposals assume endowments can do more to reduce the reliance on student revenue, and thus the cost of a college education. These proposals aim to shift more endowment wealth to current student beneficiaries. Our analysis shows that while well intentioned, these proposals will affect endowment and organizational stability and intergenerational equity. While endowments may be able to do more to support the enterprise and thus lower the cost of attendance, considering the implications of current policy proposals is critical, as is examining other strategies that could address current pricing concerns.
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CA Perspectives June 2017
Considerations for ESG Policy Development

The practice of sustainable investing and the consideration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors continues to grow. Concurrently, the demand for effective investment policies that facilitate exploration and integration of sustainable investment strategies with primary portfolio objectives is also increasing. However, actually arriving at an actionable policy statement that enjoys broad support and commitment…
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